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We have terminated breeding this beautiful breed. We will maintain our website to give information on the American Curl.

The American Curl is a relatively unknown catbreed in the Netherlands. Through our site we would like to give some information on this beautiful breed and introduce ourselves a breeders.

An American Curl's sweet, gentle, affectionate, curious, self-willed and above all.... ready to assist. A (our!) Curl loves to help out in the kitchen with cleaning out the pots and pans, she loves to fish the meat balls out of the cooking pan and helps washing the dishes. Another favorite activity is reorganizing livingroom plants.

An American Curl is an enterprizing, playful cat and associates real easy with people and other animals. This affectionate and sensitive cat attaches quickly to people and needs some breathingspace.

The American Curl originates from (actually the names says it all) the United States and is a relatively young breed. Click this  for a short trip through the American Curl's history.

A general description of the build of the American Curl is as follows:

Head: Curls have a medium sized head which is a bit longer than broad. There is no abrupt change between the muzzle and the skull. The muzzle itself is rounded, with a strong, straight chin. From the tip of the nose upwards, the profile is straight, but not too long with a slight rise from the bottom of the eyes to the forehead, where the profile continues to curve gently to the top of the head. It then flows gently into the neck without a break. Below a schematic view of the head of an American Curl:

As with all breeds breeders may vary with their preferences in the appearance of the headshape the "ideal" American Curl. However, a straight profile is a "fault" against the breed standard, as is a clear "stop" or "break". Most breeder preferences concern the form of the slope in the profile.  Below a schematic view of three profile-types. We, also based on the FIFé breed standard, prefer the profile denoted in the middle.

Ears: THE unique trait of the American Curl!
The ears are moderately large in size, wide at the base and open. The ears are erect and set equally on the top and side of the head. 
The ears curl back to the skull in an angle varying from 90c tot maximal 180c. Ear tufts a preferred. See below for a schematic view of the ears of an American Curl:

Depending on the form of the curling of the ears, the degree of curling is referred to as 1et, 2nd of 3rd degree of curl. The 3rd degree curl is regarded as one of the major characters in the estimation of "show quality".

Besides the degree in curling of the ears, the form and equality of the curling itself, the ear settings and placement of the ears important. One fault pertaining to the ears, which will be penalized by a judge, is such an extreme curl, that the ars actually touches the skull. 

Body: The bodyshape is semi-foreign, long and slender. The bodysize is one and half times the height at the shoulder.  The boning structure and muscletone shouldn't be too strong nor too fine: medium typed... The definition of "medium" however is a difficult one. Compared to other medium sized cat breeds the American Curl belongs to the smaller spectrum of the medium sized cats. 
an adult American Curl averagely weighs around 3 to 3 1/2 kilo's. An adult male averages around 4 1/2 to 5 kilos.
We personally believe that our "ideal" American Curl should be somewhat bigger in overall bodysize and we are working to try to achieve this.

Legs: The legs are of medium length and in proportion to the body. The front legs are somewhat shorter than the rear legs. The legs are straight, of medium boning with rounded paws.

Tail: The tail should equal the bodylength, wide at the base and tapering to the tip of the tail.

See below for a schematic view of the body of an  American Curl:

Coat: There are two coat varieties: shorthair and semi longhair. The shorthair coat is soft, silky and lying flat. There is minimal undercoat.

The semi longhair coat also has a fine, silky structure which lies flat with a medium frill. There is minimal undercoat. The coat on the tail has the same length as on the cody and is fully plumed. 

All colour varieties are permitted with both the shorthaired and semi longhaired American Curl, including pointed varieties.  since the points stem from the siamese gene, pointed Curls should also have blue eyes.

It is no longer permitted to outcross an American Curl with another breed of cats.

Please follow the links below for a description of the official breed standards of:
Féderation International Féline (FIFé)
the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)
The International Cat Association (TICA)